3 Ways to Continue the Conversation

1. Send me a DM on Instagram

Seriously, I love chatting with y’all! Shoot me a DM with your realizations, favorite episodes, lessons you’ve learned, or just say hi! And drop a follow while you’re there.

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3. Share the show

Real talk, the number one way podcasts grow is through word of mouth.

If you love the show tell a friend next time you’re out for coffee, post it on your socials, or spam your old roommates with the link (kidding, don’t do that last one!). 

On a more serious note: Share a specific episode with someone that needs to hear it. My biggest hope for this show is to help others feel less alone as they navigate the hard shit in their lives. Sharing an episode with someone can help them hear they aren’t alone, see there is a way through this, and help them connect with potentially life-saving resources.

How do you share the show? Every podcast player has its own share button but if you can’t find it >this link< is perfect to pass on (or find the specific episode and share that page).