Bonnie Hardie is Mindset/Life/Gratitude Coach currently navigating life and business while homeless.

We chat about…

  • Turning negatives into positives [7:02]
  • The challenges and realities of accessing services like temporary shelter and showers [11:39]
  • Learning to not judge others choices and instead meet them where they’re at [30:30]


More about today’s guest…


Bonnie Hardie

Bonnie Hardie is Mindset/Life/Gratitude Coach based in Central Florida.
She Empowers MidLife Women to live the life of their dreams by helping them say “Bon Voyage” to the Shackles In Their Mind.
She is also
  • Contributing author in 5 Amazon Best Selling Books
  • A frequent International Podcast Guest
  • The creator of the unique program: “Vision For Your Life” where she uniquely combines a Vision Board and The Wheel of Life – color coding The Wheel of Life.


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