We chat about…

  • Progress in healing and growth [13:04]
  • Healing isn’t linear [17:04]
  • The power (proven by research) of gender-affirming care and language [19:30]
  • Why labels and language matter [51:30]


More about Gazit Chaya Nkosi…




Gazit Chaya Nkosi

Through gender-affirming health care, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, meditation, art, and the release of victimhood, Gazit Chaya has emerged from evangelical Christianity, shame, self-hatred, depression, and suicidal thinking. Their book “Holy Shit” takes readers through the journey in the hope that others can discover their own path to release victim thinking and learn the lessons that life’s shit has to offer us. In addition to their book, Gazit Chaya hopes to build community and healing through sharing their art and shared meditation on their YouTube channel, Queer and Trans Meditation. They hope you’ll join them there!


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