Life just took a sharp left turn without warning you, leaving you disoriented and whiplash sore. You find yourself asking “now what do I do?”

Good news: You don’t have to navigate life-changing events alone.

I inspire, entertain, and educate on resiliency and self-trust.

I don’t simply get up on stage, rattle off my talk, and leave. I engage the audience throughout and stick around after. Even though I may be front and center I believe that being a speaker is about creating a conversation.

I bring a unique story and perspective to all my talks as an Iraq war veteran and Purple Heart recipient and an infertility survivor. I talk candidly about my hardships and traumas and the lessons learned.

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The Pursuit of Evolution – Change is inevitable, evolution is an option.

Whether we’re talking about life in general, building a business, or both, change will happen. Too many people fight that change and let it stall them out or dictate their path for them. I make the argument that we should be in constant pursuit of evolution. We should be eager for the unknown and the opportunity for new experiences. Even if it’s not a path we choose, evolution allows us to see the opportunities and make decisions, versus change just dragging us along.

I share about my own pursuit of evolution throughout my years of recovering from, and living with, post traumatic stress and a brain injury from being wounded in Iraq. To my more recent evolution after years of infertility treatments and multiple losses, making the decision with my husband to pursue a radically different life path of childfree not by choice.

8 Lessons I Learned From Being Blown Up.

I talk about my time in the military, being wounded in a roadside bombing in Baghdad, and the ongoing recovery from that moment. As I look back through the years I see 8 practices that aided in my recovery from crippling depression and anxiety, and how those same 8 lessons can be translated across all aspects of life.

Casey’s story is one of triumph through strain. She is a wonderful speaker who shares from the depths of her being. She is personal, relatable, and funny. She shares with honesty about deep joy, deep hurt, and deep processes that she has pursued to become the triumphant woman she is today. I return to hear her talk whenever I can, she is truly an inspiration.

– Karl Rude

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Hey, I’m Casey!

I’m a TEDx speaker, writer, and teacher passionate about helping those amid life change shift from surviving to thriving.

As an Iraq war veteran and childless-not-by-choice woman, I have deep value and appreciation for making the most of each day and having to rebuild your entire life plan.

Through life experience and a master’s in mental health, I’ve created a unique approach to dealing with life’s twists and turns. Hard shit happens, but if we lean into the change, stunning things can also happen.

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